Our Story

Towards the end of the 1990s John and Caroline Charnley started looking for the perfect short-handed cruising yacht to indulge their passion for sailing, while allowing them to enjoy a level of comfort that few performance sailboats can deliver. Having failed to find a solution to meet their needs, they commissioned renowned designer Ron Holland and the Discovery 55 was born.

A decade later, John and Caroline had another dream of sailing across the Atlantic and up the Eastern Seaboard of the USA aboard a different kind of yacht – a catamaran. The new yacht would have the same luxury as the monohulls they had created, in a spacious and stable package. Key to the new yacht was the ability to explore the Bahamas close in. They enlisted the talents of designer Bill Dixon and the Discovery 50 catamaran was forged.

Bluewater Catamarans

Bluewater Catamarans are renowned for their sleek appearance, manoeuvrability & responsiveness and sailing performance at sea. Our blue water cats deliver the same exceptional construction and ocean cruising capabilities as their monohull sister yachts ‘Discovery Yachts’ and ‘Southerly Yachts’ in a more spacious layout.


Our Yachts


Sleek in appearance, responsive to handle and fast to sail,
Bluewater catamarans deliver the same exceptional construction and ocean cruising
capabilities as their monohull sister yachts built at Discovery Shipyard in Southampton, UK.


The aim has always been to create the ultimate blue water catamaran to discover the world in style and comfort, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Owner Care

Providing a first-class service to our owners is at the heart of our company philosophy. From the initial and detailed specification of your yacht, we involve you throughout the build, encouraging you to visit our factory to see your yacht at various stages of construction and to become fully familiar with all onboard systems. Our management team, all of whom are experienced ocean sailors, will guide you through commissioning, sea trials and yacht familiarisation.

“After a day of discovery, immerse yourself in luxury and savour the view.”


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